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Zuya CTV Benchmarks

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99% Avg video completion rate

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87% US Household Reach

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$0.02 Avg Cost Per Completed View

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5.32x Lower Funnel ROAS

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Connected TV with Zuya

Audience Discovery

Zuya evaluates thousands of audience attributes, enabling advanced consumer insights and customized campaign optimizations.

Outcome-Based Optimization

Our CTV campaigns are fully optimized to advertiser KPIs in real-time, meaning your television dollars are working harder – and smarter - than ever before.

Measure What Matters

Zuya partners with leading measurement providers to precisely quantify the impact of your media investment.

Media Capabilities

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Connected TV

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Zuya Capabilities

  • Social Fabrique

    Social Fabrique Technology

  • Harmony Network

    Harmony Network

  • Amplifi


  • fido


  • Our text analytics approach that identifies the keywords, phrases, and terminology that relate most to each advertiser, enabling customized contextual optimizations and insights.

  • Consumers respond to ads when delivered in prominent, low clutter, and aesthetically-pleasing placements. Zuya's Harmony Network - composed of publishers who meet our strict criteria for beautifully integrated ad placements within content - provides advertisers high impact, brand-boosting impression opportunities.

  • Zuya's Amplifi technology provides marketing executives a simple, objective, and rigorous quantification of upper and mid-funnel advertising impact on low-funnel conversions. Clearly demonstrate the value of upper and mid-funnel spending on the metrics that matter and secure/protect/grow your media budget.

  • Need an automated report sent to you daily? A data integration with your existing BI team? Templated insights ready for delivery to your management team? FIDO automates your common media management tasks and gives you time back.

Our Ethos

At Zuya, it's More Than Media. We use our industry clout and progressive outlook to drive meaningful change within ad:tech and beyond. Whether building a more inclusive industry or driving positive societal change, with Zuya, it's more than media. The deets:

Ads for action

Ads for ActionTM

Zuya is committed to supporting non-profit organizations and causes important to our clients. We're using our platform to drive awareness to causes which make the world more equitable, safe, and open via a significant pro bono contribution of impressions.


Ethical Data Usage

Zuya supports the ethical use of audience data and consumer attributes, avoiding data which may be considered biased, divisive, or inappropriate.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pledge

Zuya is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our internal operations and partner selection process. We strongly support partners, initiatives, and programs which align with these principles, evidenced by our commitment to Ethical AI, partner evaluation criteria, and hiring practices.

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Careers @ Zuya

Live your Best Life

Zuya is a full-service marketing solutions provider that helps advertisers achieve the absolute best return for their advertising spend. We’re ruthlessly pragmatic, obsessed with performance, and producers of “connect the dots” insights which allow marketers to drive meaningful change in their organizations. And with Zuya's Ads for Action program, commitment to Ethical Data Usage, and Inclusive Inventory Promise, you're a part of something much more than media.

Do you have a passion for solving hard problems? Do you like to challenge the status quo? Are you a scrappy, ruthlessly pragmatic realist yet interested in building the next big thing? If so, please monitor our job board below for potential opportunities!

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